Welcome to B-Squared!



B-Squared Computer Repair is here to service Whiteman Air Force Base and the surrounding area’s with the best and most inexpensive computer and small electronic repair. You can come to us, or we’ll come to you. House calls are our specialty. Because we know its tough to get motivated to take that old computer out the door and into a shop to get it fixed. So why not have us come to you for pickups and drop-offs and possible fixes right there in your own home? It just makes sense.

We are also always taking donations of old pc’s, laptops, or networking equipment that are just collecting dust around your house or garage. It is always best to recycle these objects as they are not good for landfills and the environment. Plus I can usually part them out and get at least one working computer that I can resale or donate to local schools or to children in need of computers for education.

Here is our contact info:

B-Squared Computer Repair

1707 A W.8th Street Terrace, Knob Noster. MO 65336




Thank you Whiteman for keeping our nation safe from the baddies. -Matt


Welcome to B-Squared Computer Repair LLC.

We are here for you when it comes to computer (and even phones and tablets) trouble.

Let us help you by first providing some of the most inexpensive prices around, and then let us help you by coming to your home and running diagnostics to find out if your PC is going to need just some simple cleaning up or a major overhaul.

I am a A+ certified technician and SMU graduate of its IT and Networking Program since 2001.

I’ve also worked in the field of aviation as a quality inspector, mechanic, and parachute rigger. So when it comes to attention to detail, you just won’t find anyone with those great combination of skills. So I promise to pass that attention to detail on to you nice folks that may just not have the time to learn to fix it yourself. Not only that, but we’ll take the extra time it may also take to help you learn some quick and easy tricks to keep your system running smooth. So inexpensive, knowledgeable, and super friendly computer repair is what you get from myself and from B-Squared Computer Repair. That’s our promise to you.

-Matthew J Smith owner

And dont forget to make contact with us over here —–> http://www.facebook.com/bsquaredcomps


4 thoughts on “Welcome to B-Squared!

  1. matthew smith does a very good job on computers, better then any other computer repair man i have ever had work on my computer,he knows his buisness . if you want stuff saved just tell him what you want saved and he will back it up ….i have been looking for a good computer repair guy who doesnt charge an arm and a leg and i found one… i encourage you all to try him out for yourselves thanks matthew for all the help you did for me on my computer christina conklin

  2. My grand daughter stepped on her nabi tablet and cracked the screen ad it will not work. She loves it. Can it be fixed or would it be cheaper to buy a new one.

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